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We comment on national legislation and respond to government consultations, for example within the last year, the Planning White Paper, Statements of Community Involvement, Statutory Consultee Status and Permitted Development Rights.

 We have responded to each stage of consultation on the Bradford Local Plan and have been involved from its inception in the Ilkley Neighbourhood Plan.

We scrutinise and comment as necessary on every planning application submitted in Ilkley ward. Many of our comments are positive and encourage owners and developers to aspire to make improvements to their plans.

We keep an eye on our local area and report to Enforcement those developments which appear to have gone ahead without planning permission.

We run an annual design competition to encourage good quality developments in our town.

We keep a particular watch on the three conservation areas and from time to time suggest buildings for Historic England listing.

At present planning applications are running at a high level and we are probably reviewing 500 a year. All of our comments are available to the public and we are happy to discuss plans with owners, developers, neighbours and civic society members when needed.

If you have a planning query, please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Consultation on development sites   2021_03_LOCAL_PLAN_COMMENTS_WEB_SITE_VERSION_2.pdf


An analysis of Civic Society planning activity for the last four years, showing the significant increase in 2021:

                                                Ilkley                     Total Bradford    Unable to comment on                comments made

Plans submitted       2021      363                         6360                       77                                                           207

                                2020       260                         5892                       52                                                           160 approx

                                2019       287                         -                              -                                                              184 Approx

                                2018       280                         -                              -                                                              150 approx